Systems Grantmaking Approach & Lessons from the Field - July 27, 2017

Thursday, July 27 
10 am - 2:30 pm

Iowa Higher Education Center
2500 Fleur Drive
Des Moines, IA 50321

Join us to learn from the Management Assistance Group (MAG) about systems grantmaking approaches and tools to be used in your work. We will also hear from two ICoF members that have been using this approach - together - in Des Moines!

Part I: Systems Granmaking Approaches & Tools Webinar with MAG
Featuring Aja Couchois Duncan, Senior Consultant with Management Assistance Group

Part II: Lessons from the Field
Featuring Angela Dethlefs-Trettin, Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines and
Suzanne Mineck, Mid-Iowa Health Foundation

Systems grantmakers and systems thinkers in the broader social sector:
  • intentionally set and reset the boundary of the systems they are seeking to influence;
  • seek to understand the relationships among system parts, relationships between the parts and the whole system, and what is emerging beyond the parts;
  • recognize that complex systems (and thus the future) are not predictable thus experiment with multiple ways to change the system (e.g., coordination, advocacy, new products or standards);
  • include those most impacted by problems in identifying solution approaches.
Systems grantmaking may include but is not the same as collaboration or networks. 

  • Participants will be introduced to systems mindsets and tools.
  • Participants will gain a basic understanding of application and potential impact of using systems approaches in their grantmaking efforts.
  • Participants will identify opportunities to continuing their learning relative to systems grantmaking.
  • Participants will learn how ICoF members are using systems grantmaking mindsets in their work in Des Moines.